Gamification in Learning: The 2020 Report

What does the future hold for gamification and learning? We spoke to eight different experts (including Karl Kapp, David Chandross and Rob Alvarez) to find out.

You’ll learn:

  • Whether gamification is grinding to a halt or continuing to grow in popularity
  • How gamification will innovate and evolve over time
  • And how gamification will help solve major global problems

To help you use gamification to transform your learning approach!

What does the future hold for gamification? Is this $6.8bn market set to level up further, or suddenly explode into a pile of pixels?

To find out, we commissioned an up-to-date report for 2020 and reached out to eight gamification experts from around the world.

Is gamification grinding to a halt or continuing to grow in popularity?

We’ve made it through the trough of disillusionment and now face the slope of enlightenment.

What innovation can you expect from the next wave of gamification?

The latest innovations in gamification will focus on consequence and mastery.

How will gamification help solve major global problems?

Gamification is so effective at solving problems it has already grown into a $6.8 billion market. But what’s next?


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