Behaviour Change Using A Microlearning App

Changing behaviour isn’t easy. Habits are hard to break. But don’t fret! Our new guide, ‘Behaviour Change Using a Microlearning App’, will help you to turn the tide and transform your organisation.

You’ll learn:

  • What needs to happen in the brain to change learners’ behaviour
  • How behaviour change impacts organisations
  • And the six different stages of behaviour change

To help you produce lasting behaviour change that impacts your organisation!

Behaviour change is essential to making a difference within your organisation and delivering return on investment against your training spend.

In this guide, we uncover what cutting-edge neuroscience, educational psychology and pioneering cognitive research has to say about driving behaviour change.

The brain science behind behaviour change

What does behaviour change really mean? And what happens in our brains to drive this change?

How behaviour change impacts organisations

Changing behaviour can improve performance, reduce risk, cut costs, increase revenue and much more.

The six different stages of behaviour change

Behaviour change is not a one step process. It’s a complex cycle that plays out over time.


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