Why online learning isn’t as scary as it seems

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Scary ghost greenSome people see online learning as an uncool cousin. You know, the kind that wears socks with his sandals, gets his dinner down his Tshirt and cracks the lamest jokes. Others consider it to be like a scary aunt – the one that pinches your cheek just that bit too hard and leaves lipstick smears on your forehead.

Geeky boy with glasses and frecklesWe’re here to tell you that online learning is neither lame nor terrifying. Once you get to know it, it’s pretty cool and exciting. Done right, online learning is like the new kid in class that everyone wants to get to know. They’re unique, interesting and so much cooler than all your other classmates that you’ve known for years.

Here’s what makes online learning that much better than regular, boring, dusty-textbook-and-strict-teacher learning:

Online learning makes learning fun again. There is so much awesome technology available to us that eLearning units become more elaborate and exciting, user experience is that much smoother and tailored, and online Learning Management Systems are more like a playground where learners can get together than a graveyard where they keep to themselves and have a pretty rotten time.

Online learning is super-duper fun because it’s gamified – take our Academy LMS, for example. We’ve added a huge heap of gamification to make the experience of logging on, learning, taking tests and developing knowledge more enjoyable for learners. Badges create a sudden explosion of joy in learners’ hearts; points stack up to create more and more excitement; learners ‘level up’ at just the right time to a) keep them engaged and motivated by showing their hard work is paying off and b) encourage them to push harder for the next ‘level’.

Even the leaderboards on our Gamified Social Academy LMS add an element of fun to the proceedings. How often during a classroom event can you monitor who is doing best? Who is chasing whom off the top spot? Who is the expert at this particular subject? Who is trying hardest, who is putting in the extra hours and who needs a bit of extra encouragement to make the grade?

Girl in love at deskAnother benefit of online learning – there are too many to mention right now! – is that nowadays it doesn’t have to be lonely. It used to be that Learning Management Systems were simply ships for delivering eLearning modules. Learners would hop aboard, take the eLearning unit and then hop back off. They wouldn’t see anyone else; wouldn’t get to share their excitement at learning new things or collaborate on projects. How sad!

Now, though, online learning is much more social. Our Academy is a very friendly place; we just love getting learners together, enabling them to chat about the learning content, discover new topics that interest them, work out tricky subjects between themselves and share interesting findings. And the best bit? We’ve gamified the social aspects of online learning, too – the more learners chat and collaborate, the more points they get; the more they advise other learners, the higher up the ‘Top Contributors’ leaderboard they climb to be crowned Mr (or Miss) Clever Clogs.

Our Academy LMS is a seriously great place to hang out. Let us show you – RSVP to the Academy Webinar Tour and see what a fun Learning Management System looks like!

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