Unleashing Superheroes – Driving Effective Learning Campaigns

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What do marketing and learning have in common? Quite a lot, it turns out, as I discovered in my mission to unleash superheroes!

As I settled into a YouTube click-a-thon this weekend, I found my finger hovering over the familiar ‘Skip’ button, eager to whizz past the boring adverts and onto the funny cat videos! The empowering feeling of stopping the latest advert mid sentence, got me thinking…In the era where we can fast forward through tedious commercials – it’s tougher than ever for advertisers to hold viewers’ attention!  

I realised many of the problems faced by modern marketeers are the same challenges facing LMS Drivers. Even if your training is compulsory, learners can skim read lengthy slides, skip boring videos and guess tedious quiz questions. If people are not engaged with your content they will find a way to shortcut it. Learning campaigns are a lot like marketing campaigns – to defeat the ‘Skip’ button, they need to be engaging!

A Learning Campaign is a lot like a Marketing Campaign

It’s the LMS Driver’s job to plan and deliver an awesome learning campaign that engages people and creates behavioural change. So, how can you achieve this in a world of digital distractions, funny cat videos and addictive mobile games? Let’s find out what we can learn from ad land about delivering a winning learning campaign!

1. Strong Value Proposition

The number-one rule of marketing is to create a strong Value Proposition. It may sound a bit dull, but this is where the Epic Meaning comes in. The most successful adverts answer people’s burning desires, goals and the needs-they-didn’t-even-know-they-had. You must do the same! 

Aim for a strong Value Proposition!

Every aspect of your training should answer your learners’ key question – ‘What’s In It For Me’. By making the personal benefits of your training clear from the get go, you will keep your learners’ engagement levels high and convince them to invest their time and energy in the learning.

2. Power of video content

If an image says a thousand words, imagine what a video can do! Well, I can tell you…Video content helps the message stick in our minds. In fact, 80% of people can recall a video they watched within the last 30 days.

Still need convincing? Take these facts from the advertising world… Real estate listings that include video receive 403% more enquiries than those that don’t. It’s not just prospective home buyers that are video mega fans – 59% of executives would rather watch a video that read a text.

The good news is, video isn’t all about getting people’s attention. Video content also holds our interest. Research shows people spend an average of 2.6 times longer on pages which include video content. It’s clearly worth including video content in your learning campaign to engage learners!

3. Make it Entertaining

Companies like Mobile Strike (the most viewed advert on YouTube of 2016) know that to make an impact their marketing campaign needs to be entertaining, tell a story and generate conversation. The best adverts are the ones we want to watch – the ones people seek out on social media to watch again and again!

Just like the most successful ads, your learning content needs to be entertaining enough to engage learners and keep them coming back for more! How? The best adverts make us feel. In the same way, your learning campaign needs to trigger an emotional response. Whether that’s to laugh, to roar with triumph, or to ponder life in a new way…Make your learning campaign as compelling as Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on a lift full of gaming addicts!

4. Bite-sized

In today’s world of digital distractions, marketing and learning campaigns alike need to be short and snappy to succeed. Rather than the content putting people to sleep, it needs to keep the audience wanting more. So, how’s it done?

When super entertaining ads and addictive mobile games get together magic happens! Take the hilarious campaign, Clash Royale’s Rule of the Duel, the 5th most viewed advert on YouTube. What made it so successful? Each promotional snippet tied into the campaign’s storyline. Each installment was full of stunning visuals,  entertaining content and a clear message. The ads were all under 1 minute long. These bitesize promotional goodies left viewers eagerly anticipating the next installment or finding it on YouTube!

You can harness similar levels of engagement among learners by using bite-sized learning to drip-feed content straight to their phones. Keep each chunk of content entertaining and meaningful to trigger curiosity and build anticipation. Keep it short and sweet (if the massively successful Ted Talks can do it in 18 minutes, so can you!). This way, learners will be eager for the next instalment in the learning campaign.

5. Social Success

Social media marketing uses the oldest and most successful marketing tool of all, word of mouth, to generate conversation and fuel consumer interest. And with over 2.3 billion social media users worldwide, that’s a lot of conversation! Social media has transformed marketing from a monologue into a dialogue with consumers.

Take SpecSavers’ award winning social media campaign, for example. The marketing team use social media to make the global conversation about their glasses! They take trending topics, such as this year’s Oscar cue-card mishap and transform it into an opportunity to tell the world, ‘Should Have Gone to SpecSavers!’ It works, with their ‘Luis Suarez 2014 Twitter Campaign’ being retweeted 30,000 times in just 6 days. You too can make your online learning something people want to talk about on the LMS messageboards.

After all, what’s better than telling learners why they should do the training? Encouraging learners themselves to spread the word about the learning benefits! Promote the training through word of mouth. Just like marketeers want their campaigns to influence buyer behaviour, you can also use the power of social learning to reinforce the training content and create lasting behaviour change.

6. Mobile Magnitude!

Last but not least, ensure your learning campaign is delivered in the right package. Make it mobile! Why? In 2016, 70% of adults accessed the internet on the go. Most people today choose to access everything they need on their phones – learning content should be no different. To meet modern learners’ technological expectations and on-the-go lives, learning needs to be mobile.

So, however you choose to communicate your learning campaign make it mobile. This way, your learners can access the compelling learning content whenever and wherever they want. The average person touches, taps or swipes their smartphone 2,617 times a day! So your learning campaign needs to get in on some of that action to make an impact. Create a bite-size learning campaign so engaging it can compete with the endless email, notifications and SnapChat pics pulling on your learners’ attention.

The best marketing and learning campaigns out there have one key factor in common – they make us feel. To engage your learners you too need to connect with them, trigger their interest, start a conversation. Use the power of entertaining, social, bite-size content – straight to their mobiles to, create lasting behaviour change!

My upcoming book Unleashing Superheroes will give you more essential ways to engage your audience, defeat the ‘Skip’ button and Unleash Superheroes!


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