Training Needs Analysis – End One-size-fits-all Learning

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So you want to build the perfect learning programme for your learners. It’s a noble cause, but there are quite a few things for you to consider!

For example, what is it that your training actually needs to achieve? And how can you ensure that your learners are getting access to the content they need?

Thankfully, both of these issues can be solved through a training needs analysis. This pretty much does what it says on the tin – it’s an analysis which uncovers training needs.

That makes the training needs analysis an essential tool for finding success with your learning programme!

Initial training needs analysis

Before you even start designing your learning programme, you need to find out what you want your learners to take away from it.

A training needs analysis at this stage uncovers what skills and expertise your learners currently have. At the same time, it flags up areas where skills and knowledge might be lacking.

This is invaluable information for you, because it pinpoints any priority areas which are screaming out for some training! You can focus your training programme on filling these skill gaps, and work on creating content for them before moving onto things which are already better understood.

Essentially, you’ll be crafting a training programme which has been personalised to suit your specific learners. It’s just like a jigsaw piece making a perfect fit!

Training needs analysis for new learners

As you flesh out your learning programme, you’ll end up building an impressive library of training content, covering absolutely anything your learners will ever need to know!

But with so much content to choose from, how can you make sure that your learners receive easy access to the things they need? After all, nothing turns off learners quicker than being forced to study something they already know inside out.

Once again, the training needs analysis comes to the rescue! You can set up a simple questionnaire for new learners to take right at the start of their journey. The results reveal their individual needs, and allow you to build a personalised learning pathway to suit them.

With an LMS, this process can even be automated. As learners answer questions, their skill gaps are revealed. The system then pushes relevant training content directly to the learner, giving them instant access to exactly what they need!

Training needs analysis for long-term learners

Holding regular training needs analyses can also be a brilliant way to help measure the effectiveness of your training programme.

For example, you might repeat the process every six months to find out whether you’ve effectively plugged the skills gaps you were aiming for.

In this way, you’re able to keep an eye on the skillset of your workforce, and adapt your training programme if you spot new areas which need attention.

It also helps you to uncover the hidden champions amongst your learners, who have really gained the most from your training. These emerging experts can be utilised as ambassadors to help out other learners who might be struggling, and are shining examples of the value a little learning can deliver!

If you’re keen to know more about how to deliver a personalised training programme, why not get in touch? Click the banner below to book a free demo of our Academy LMS, and we can show you how easy it is to set up your own training needs analysis:

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