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Academy Version 7.1.29 + 7.1.28 (hotfix)

  • DEV #3730 T30215 – Add curriculum report to view reports
  • DEV #3770 – Add data for liked message – this adds comments and likes to the updates data
  • DEV #3746 – Tenancy Data for Queue – this allows us to run jobs with academy credentials
  • DEV #3761 – Separate UI link for New Reporting
  • DEV #3772 – Reporting Queue processor low memory consumption
  • #3741 – Add Previous and Next Buttons for Division & Setting Banners
  • DEV #3724 #2575 – New Access Rights Available for Pinning Posts in Clubs [LMS / TKA]
  • DEV #3745 T30636 – Developed Assessor Visibility to Mark Tests if Manage Learners is Disabled [LMS]
  • DEV #3737 T30740 – Placed Higher Value on Level within My Things To Do, so it appears above Objectives (Performance Centre) [LMS]
  • DEV #3747 – Intellectual Property Security Feature to Remove Right Click Functionality in Video / eLearning Player on newly uploaded videos [LMS]
  • DEV #3744 – Removed Unnecessary Security Question when Posting Comments on Articles [LMS]
  • DEV #2158 – Option to Control User Visibility by Hierarchy when Searching Opponents for Battles [TKA]
  • DEV #2586 – Add Malay as language option (Bahasa Malaysia – ms) [ALL]
  • DEV #3742 – Implemented AutoWire Application for smoother Academy Backend Configuration Set-up [LMS / TKA]
  • DEV #3748 – Aligned Clubs Listing to Center for Responsive Browsing [LMS]
  • DEV #3731 – GE Support Environment Developments [LMS / TKA]
  • DEV #2578 – New Translations Implemented [TKA]
  • DEV #2557 – Improved ‘Reply’ count within Clubs [TKA]
  • DEV #2559 – Improved GE Support Platform User Management to streamline support functions [LMS / TKA]
  • DEV #2550 – Speed up quest load on app [TKA]
  • DEV #2541 – Add package url to course transformer [TKA]
  • DEV #3765: AC-45 Order by priority for get newest updates [LMS]
  • DEV #3764: AC-44 Comment List Sort Change [LMS]
  • DEV #3758: Bugfix/AC-28 User Login Reporting Model Name Change [LMS]
  • DEV #3762: Feature/AC-31 LOG export job details [LMS]
  • DEV #3750: New Leaderboards UI Padmin Switch [LMS]
  • DEV #3752: Newest Configurations End Point (GOD)

Academy Version 7.1.27

  • DEV #3749 – System: GET categorized configurations
  • DEV #3740 – Improve Unit Tests
  • DEV #3734 – GOD HTTP Connection Middleware
  • DEV #3739 – Updates to Reporting Logic for Export
  • DEV #3733 – Implementing Login to New Support Infrastructure (G.O.D.)
  • DEV #3280 – Remove Legacy Internet Explorer 6~9 CSS3 Dependency (no longer supported by Microsoft so null) [LMS]
  • DEV #2522, #2565 – Resolved ‘Text Effect’ and ‘Preview’ Issues for NEW Genie Template Mental Blocks on IE Browser [LMS / TKA / Genie]
  • DEV #2569 – Enabled Post ID for Clubs Reporting [LMS / TKA]
  • DEV #2383 – Separation of Client Languages for Improved Import / Export Translations per Client [LMS / TKA]
  • DEV #2563 – Implemented js for Quest Download for speed and reliability [TKA]
  • DEV ReFac #3736 – Updated Apidoc Comments
  • Dev ReFac #2573: Remove Academy React Code from Genie Codebase [LMS]

Academy Version 7.1.26

  • DEV#3709 #T30739 – Update Language in Performance Centre; Reviews now appear as Performance Reviews [LMS]
  • DEV#3704 #T30652 – Removed Duplicate of ‘Theme Manager’ in Admin Dashboard dropdown [LMS]
  • DEV#3706 #T30722 – Resolved HTML entity cut off when truncating Descriptions in eLearning Exports from Admin Dashboard [LMS]
  • DEV #3710 #T30742 – Permitted Saving of Competency Slider and Comments Box together within ‘Save Changes’ in Performance Centre [LMS]
  • DEV #3713 #T30691 – Added ‘Invite History’ Tab for Managers in Manage Learners [LMS]
  • DEV #3723 – Academy List CLI Command (php artisan academy:list) [LMS]
  • DEV #3660 – Development Environment Improvements [n/a]
  • DEV #3718 – Unauthenticated Error Handling [LMS]
  • DEV #3702 – Additional Reporting area in Admin Dashboard for Unique User Logins [LMS/TKA]
  • DEV #3727 – Bespoke Client Login Page Update v2
  • DEV #3726 – Future Proofing Academy with S3 Bucket Generator
  • DEV – Bespoke Client Genie Game Template [TKA/Genie]
  • DEV #2566 – Implemented ‘Spell Check’ in Genie for all text fields [Genie]
  • DEV #2541 – Added Package Url to Course Transformer; enabling smoother updates in the future [TKA]
  • DEV #2561 – Added Option to select preferred Language on Login Page [TKA]
  • DEV #2555 – Optimise XP Limiter to improve reliability and scalability of database demands [LMS/TKA]
  • DEV #2550 – Improvements (fetch request) on Quest loading time [TKA]
  • DEV #2572 – Improvements to data cleansing script to archive expired trial users [Genie]
  • DEV ReFac #3722 – Removed Legacy ‘Latest News Feature’ Code [LMS]
  • DEV ReFac #3665 – Learner Timeline Refactoring API End Points [LMS]
  • Hot Fixes since Last Release
  • #3717 #3721: Banner Displays
  • #3645 #T29774 – Scrolling on Homepage
  • #3716: Classroom / Calendar Visibility
  • #2568: Bespoke Client Genie Game Template


Academy Version 7.1.25

  • Option to add tabs to the Homepage on the Left Hand Menu to link to any URL [LMS / TKA] 
  • Captcha Package on Retrieve Login by Email [LMS]
  • Battle Notifications; Learners now receive multiple notifications, particularly push notifications on completion of Battles [TKA]
  • Client Bespoke Login Page Updated
  • Updated Variables for Improved Quest handling [TKA]
  • Enabled use of symbols in Export as Excel [LMS]
  • Ensure Post Owners receive Notifications for Replies regardless of Clubs Subscription [TKA]
  • HTML removed from ‘About’ on Learner Profile [TKA]
  • Added Error Message when attempting to Post to Clubs with no text [LMS/TKA]
  • Updated Scorecard to Remove Stats Not In Use (Battles) [TKA]
  • Improvements to LRS / xAPI handling [TKA]
  • Added Support Functionality for clearing App cache [TKA]
  • Added Limit to Execution Time to prevent continuous strain on system and improved performance [LMS/TKA]
  • Removal of Legacy code for redundant Timezone functions [LMS]
  • Package Manager Performance Improvements [LMS]
  • Remove Legacy code for redundant Admin Table [LMS]
  • Allow API calls from new Academy React pages [LMS/TKA]
  • Cleaned Code for XP Calculations for improved performance on Leaderboards [LMS/TKA]

Academy Version 7.1.24

  • Allowed foreign characters on CSV Exports for Levels (and other Reports) [LMS/TKA]
  • Corrected Icons appearance style on Admin Dashboard [LMS/TKA]
  • Enable Sources for Client external content delivery [LMS]
  • Disabled global cache of Admin controlled Menu Links [LMS/TKA]
  • Additional validation and automation on client set-up [LMS/TKA]
  • API calls enabled for internal communication of new UI [LMS]
  • Automated removal of expired published Quests [TKA]
  • Improvements to Automated Tests [LMS/TKA]
  • Implementing new React code into LMS code base [LMS/TKA]
  • Performance Improvements for Clubs Reporting [LMS/TKA]

Academy Version 7.1.23

  • Significant Improvements continuing on Clubs UI 
  • Client Module Improvements
  • Content Performance Improvements
  • Sync Academies improvements
  • Improved scalability on Login Reports
  • Further Optimisation of Talent Tracker

Academy Version 7.1.22

  • Improvements made to back end of Leaderboards for speed and scalability
  • Completion of Development from Penetration Test Report
  • Image Compression for Profile Pictures improving data usage and performance of whole Academy and TKA
  • Editable Languages now available in Quests (GENIE)
  • Added option to attach images to question feedback (GENIE)
  • Bespoke Fields translations added for TKA
  • Client Login Page Update


Genie Update

  • After previewing a unit, it is now possible to restart the preview directly, or return back to editing without having to do so via the Quest listings page.
  • There’s now a clearer distinction between badges contained within specific slides and those awarded upon the completion of a Quest in its entirety.
  • Previously, when reordering content slides, the drag and drop function didn’t autoscroll, making it tricky to make changes. This has now been fixed. When a slide is ‘picked up’, other slides will move accordingly.
  • When a new Quest is created, we now include prompt text on the artboard encouraging users to create a slide. This was introduced based on user feedback that suggested content creators weren’t sure what should happen next.
  • Up until now, Genie has been embedded within too many scrollbars, resulting in a sub-optimal user experience. This has now been fixed.
  • On the Quest listings page, when ‘Export’ was selected, the labelling didn’t make it clear that ‘1.2’ and ‘2004’ relate to SCORM packages. This has now been fixed.
  • Genie pop-up boxes could be closed by clicking anywhere outside of the window. This would often result in unsaved data being lost. Now users have to select ‘close’ to collapse the pop-up.
  • Previously, when uploading assets, users would have to go back to the library to select them. This has now been fixed. Once an asset has been uploaded to a specific folder, it’s possible to insert it directly into content from there.
  • The slide management area of Genie has now been extended. This additional space makes managing slides and making alterations considerably easier.
  • Offline questions were previously an option. This was a legacy feature which was never activated. As such, it’s been removed.
  • Genie now remembers the last folder you created. As such, when you upload new assets, this folder will act as the default location.
  • The size of the windows within the question creation modal has increased, making the user experience more efficient.
  • We’ve added an edit icon to the slide management tiles that allows a user to edit a question directly from within the Quest, rather than having to navigate to it through the library.

Academy version 7.1.21

  • Clubs new UI improvements for Uploads, Sharing posts and Scheduled posts 
  • Merge 2 commands into 1 for code quality improvement
  • Removed further redundant code
  • Added live statics for GOD
  • MongoDB DSN connection changes – improvements between local and production
  • Storage URL not returning HTTPS/HTTP where required
  • Custom login page warnings fix
  • Academy type implementation into creation process

Academy Version 7.1.20

  • Users can only search their division users
  • Duplicate User Cleaner – Custom Development
  • Admin Manage Learners Refactoring – performance increases
  • Remove duplicated migration class
  • Image to survey migration fix
  • Genie back end Padmin switch only to be used for Genie back end access
  • Removed wl_term_link padmin switch as not in use
  • Update user profile API
  • My Learning API
  • Academy/Genie – CSS/React Framework updates
  • Back button added to Search results

Academy Version - Hotfix

  • Duplicate function declaration fix – removed duplicate function
  • Update Line Manager issue defaulting to 0 – returns correct Line Manager ID now

Academy version 7.1.19

  • Laravel Comments updates – to better handle comments on the Academy
  • Fixed admin validation warning error warnings in AppOptics
  • Remove legacy functionality
  • Fix multi click on submit button for Sub Categories in Curricula to only accept 1 click
  • Reporting base structure for filters and migrations
  • Added Autumn and Snow effects to the platform
  • Update PDF awards to handle UTF-8 character encoding correctly

Academy version 7.1.18

  • Archive Academy – the ability to archive an academy via command line
  • Updates to the generic comment module
  • Calendar performance improvements
  • Improvements to cache for dynamic CSS files
  • Remove Infusion library as not in use by any clients
  • Remove Memcache as not in use
  • GOD statistics module
  • Move settings to App settings table – back end database work for GOD
  • Remove outdated Login and Register configs 
  • Library Favourite and Ratings API for use in React pages
  • Outdated integration clean up

Academy version 7.1.17

  • Updated version handling 
  • Add switch to Padmin to switch off all shared content on What’s Happening Wall.
  • Remove table header for print page (Attendees)
  • Custom page environmental check
  • Removed various legacy code
  • Leaderboard fixes
  • Client bespoke Template (Genie/TKA)
  • Republish all quests function (Genie)
  • Updated design on Wizard tooltips (Genie)
  • Fixed question type “text” answer not saving to database (Genie)
  • If a question slide has an asset positive or negative, both assets are being acquired, but should only return the one required based on users answer (Genie)