QUIZ: How engaging is your eLearning?

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How engaging is your eLearning?Where does your eLearning live – Dullsville or Excitement City? Has it ever attempted the trek across the divide? Does your eLearning engage your learners and get them coming back for more? Do they shed a tear when the online learning module is over or do they stagger numbly through the course, scraping by, doing just the minimum amount of work needed? In order to get the best return on investment of your learning and development programmes you seriously need to get your learners engaged with their eLearning!

Answer these 10 questions to discover where your eLearning lands on the epic engagement journey from Dullsville to Excitement City!

  1. Does your eLearning have a pre-quiz to check prior understanding of the learner? A pre-quiz helps to get your learners thinking about what they already know – or don’t know – before the learning starts. When they know what they need to focus on, the learner is more engaged and motivated to gain this knowledge.
    Yes: 5 points. No: 0 points.
  2. Does your eLearning ask behavioural-based questions? Does your eLearning ask these kinds of questions: what should Protagonist A do? How should they address the problem? What should they do to avoid these situations in future? What would you do in this situation?
    Yes: 5 points. Sort of: 2.5 points. No: 0 points.
  3. Does your eLearning ask knowledge-based questions, such as: what is the theory of XYZ? What is the answer to A+B? List the attributes of theory FGH.
    Yes: 0 points. Sort of: 2.5 points. No: 5 points. [Not what you expected? Research has shown that knowledge-based recall questions really don’t get learners to fully understand what they’re being taught.]
  4. How many different forms of media does your eLearning utilise? (E.g. video, audio, text). It’s important that the eLearning utilises different kinds of media because it makes the online learning modules more interesting and engaging, both intellectually and visually.
    1 point for each different medium.
  5. Does your eLearning encourage learners to think about and plan how they will apply their new-found knowledge to their lives? Great eLearning captures the learners’ interest by continually relating the learning to their own prior experiences and workplace examples. We call it the ‘Discovery Method’ of learning, and it really gets learners engaged!
    Yes: 5 points. Sort of: 2.5 points. No: 0 points.
  6. Does your eLearning incorporate any of the following (1 point for each):
    1. Badges
    2. Points
    3. Awards
    4. Achievements
    5. Leaderboards
    6. Progress bars
    7. Timed exercises
    8. Competition
    9. Pop-up quizzes
    10. Team work/collaboration
  7. Does your eLearning encourage social learning? I.e. can learners interact with a) tutors and/or b) fellow students?
    Both: 10 points. Either: 5 points. Neither: 0 points.
  8. Does the eLearning allow users to create case studies and action plans? Does the learner come away from the eLearning module with a full plan of attack to implement everything they’ve learnt?
    Yes: 5 points. No: 0 points.
  9. Does the eLearning make the learner the star? I.e. does the learner take centre stage in the scenarios, are they referred to in the scenarios by name, are they asked what they would do if they were faced with employee X in situation Y?
    Yes: 5 points. No: 0 points.
  10. Does your eLearning use plot-driven stories? I.e. does the eLearning begin with a Bond-film opening story where the learner is introduced to a protagonist and encouraged to help them with their problems? Does the learner follow this protagonist’s journey through the eLearning, monitoring their progress and helping them solve problems as the learner gains knowledge?
    Yes: 5 points. No: 0 points.

So how have you scored? Tot up your points to find out just how engaging your eLearning really is!

If you scored less than 15…
Uh-oh! Your eLearning is firmly rooted in Dullsville. No doubt your learners are bored, unenthusiastic, hard to motivate and less than happy about their online learning. You might find that your training deployment is failing – or past roll-outs have failed – and you’re seriously struggling to get the return on investment needed to keep your Director happy. If this sounds familiar, you need to work on getting your learners engaged and motivated in their eLearning. You might find this link helpful to start your eLearning on its journey from Dullsville to Excitement City: The Business Case for eLearning.

If you scored 15 – 30…
Hmm. Your eLearning has some plus-points, but you’ve stalled somewhere on your journey out of Dullsville! You probably find that some of your learners are happy and you get so-so engagement from them. Other learners might be dragging their feet, putting off their eLearning modules as long as they can. Maybe you’ve seen ‘ok’ return on investment or you’re breaking even. The bottom line is, you should be doing so much better! To find out how important it is to get your learners enjoying their eLearning, read this:  The Basics of Online Learning.

If you scored 30 – 45…
Nice! You’ve reached the outskirts of Excitement City! But it looks like you’re running out of petrol to make it past the city limits… I’ll bet you hear quite a lot of good things about your eLearning. When you ask for feedback, the learners that reply probably rate the learning quite highly. But what about the users that don’t give a rating at all, or don’t leave feedback when they finish their eLearning? Chances are they didn’t really enjoy it all that much. The thing is, these learners are in a sort of ‘half world’ between being unenthused, disengaged, unmotivated and not really caring about their eLearning on the one hand, and on the other hand disliking it enough to actually complain about it or let you know that it’s failing. Just remember: silence is not always golden! Check out this article on making your learners love their eLearning again: Falling in Love with eLearning.

If you scored over 45…
Stop press! There’s a new mayor in Excitement City! Well done. You’ve pretty much cracked the problem of engagement in your eLearning. All the awesome features of your eLearning really help to excite, motivate and engage your learners. What more can we say? You’ve clearly got your finger on the online learning pulse! But… Don’t forget that things can always be improved. Here’s how to supercharge learner engagement even further: If it’s not fun, it’s not worth doing!

Want to find out more about gamification and how it seriously boosts engagement? Click the button below!

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