Photo Diary: Growth Engineering’s evening of magic, mystery and magnificence at the E-Learning Awards

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Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (or Windsor), there were some eLearning enthusiasts known as GEople people. These GEoples lived in an enchanting place called GEople House and together they became Growth Engineering.

The GEoples put their heart and soul into shaking up the eLearning landscape, fighting fiery dragons, rescuing damsels in distress and waging war on dull online learning. After a while, the local wisemen noticed that the GEoples had magical abilities and invited them to an evening of celebration and success in a strange new world called the London Marriott for the E-Learning Awards on 7th November.

“How exciting!” said the GEoples. So they got into their special horse and carriage (stretch Hummer) and, wearing their GEople finery, set off to meet other eLearning wizards.

Growth Engineering Dressed up q2On the way to the awardsThe GEoples arrived at the London Marriott and were amazed at the splendour. Supping from the crystal chalices at the Champagne Reception, they said: “Thank you, E-Learning Age, for putting on such a good show for everyone!” q10Soon it was time to sit down at the tables for a delightful dinner. The GEoples each had their own toad stool on which to perch back at GEople House, but where would they be sitting at this new magical place? Luckily, GEoples Harry and Dmitry had been hard at work so that every GEople had their very own special seat.

Getting prepared for the awards q4“Hooray!” said the GEoples. “Let the festivities begin!” After the sumptuous supper came the moment the GEoples had been anticipating… the awards ceremony! They were so happy to be in this magical place that the GEoples danced and rejoiced for every¬†award winner – they could barely contain their joy!

Juliette Denny at elearning awards

The GEoples were delighted to spend the evening with some of their friends, like David Butterfield from Aggregate Industries, John Coombs, one of the GEople stakeholders, and Paul Spargo from Zoopla.With David Butterfield, Aggregate Industries

Then came the moment the GEoples had been waiting for… the ‘Most Magic of all the eLearning Wizards’ award (E-Learning Development Company of the Year award). The GEoples held their breath as the wisewoman announced the names… and then… the GEoples rejoiced, for they had won Silver!

Growth Engineering Won Elearning AwardGrowth Engineering are award-winning!Growth Engineering are award-winning!Growth Engineering are award-winners!And so the GEoples celebrated winning the amazing award, dancing away and laughing through the night. They were overjoyed to meet so many other eLearning gods and goddesses and vowed to do everything they could to make it back next year!

As the clock struck 1 they got back into the horse and carriage and made their way home to GEople House, away from the glitz and glamour of the E-Learning Awards, and back to their normal lives. The award now sits proudly next to last year’s, Best Online Distance Learning Programme.Growth Engineering are award-winning!We hope you enjoyed reading this story about the GEoples’ extraordinary, enchanting night of magic, dancing and celebrating.

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