Gamification on Learning Management Systems boosts engagement!

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gamification on learning management systems boosts engagement

If you’re a training professional, or you work in L&D, you’ll already be aware of the biggest challenge with online learning – how to keep your learners engaged. Luckily for you, by finding this article, you’ve already stumbled across a solution!

At Growth Engineering, our main goal is to find new, more exciting ways to boost engagement. It’s this philosophy that led us to invest in gamification. Gamification is the application of gaming mechanics and metaphors to non-gaming scenarios to make difficult tasks more palatable.

The benefits of gamification range from increasing customer loyalty to reducing speed-related road accidents. By incorporating gamification into a Learning Management System, you could create the perfect online training solution.

Gamification to improve learner engagement on your LMS

This is the ‘Mastery Mountain’. It’s used to describe how users become masters of a system as they get more familiar with it.

When learners first log on to their LMS, they start at the bottom of the pyramid. They don’t really know how gamification works and they don’t know their way around the LMS. As they begin to explore and learn more about the LMS, they move up the pyramid and become more skilled, engaged and knowledgeable.


Learners might get stuck at the ‘Novice’ level of the mountain if the LMS doesn’t engage them. Maybe they don’t understand how it really works or why it will benefit them.

A poor training roll-out or a lack of marketing excitement around the launch of the LMS could lead to a disengaged workforce. But once you get them engaged, there ain’t no Mastery Mountain high enough to keep them from success!

Gamification in Learning

The Learners’ Journey

As learners interact with a gamified Learning Management System they will gain knowledge about the system and become invested in it. Gamification on Learning Management Systems will supercharge learner engagement and get learners climbing the Mastery Mountain faster. Here’s how:


engage your audience with pre-roll-out marketing

1. Make a fuss

Before the learner even logs into their LMS, they’ll have enjoyed plenty of marketing surrounding the training programme from within their organisation. Click here to read our 6 top tips to rock your online learning roll-out!

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state the mission - be more awesome

2. State the Mission 

When the learner first logs on to a gamified Learning Management System, they see a message reminding them why they are there and what value it will add.

They’ll learn about the epic meaning and establish whether they are interested in taking their career to the next level. The employee learns about how the gamified online learning is going to help them.

They are then asked to confirm they are on board and raring to go… “Yes!” they will cry, “I want to develop my career!”

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levels and experience points drive engagement

3. Show them the ropes

To get the most out of their Academy, the learner needs to get to grips with how the LMS works and what’s in it for them every step of the way.

We start by giving learners a tour of the major areas and explaining how gamification on Learning Management Systems works.

For each tutorial they watch they can get a reward, say the ‘Mastery’ badge and 25 points. “Cool!” they say, “These badges are good. I wonder what I get when I hit 100 points..?”

4. Reward eager learners

The gamified online learning journey encourages learners to change their profile picture, look at leaderboards and see what badges they can earn.

Exploring the platform gives them more rewards and badges. “Ok, I get it – the more I do, the more points and badges I get!

leaderboards encourage healthy competition

5. Get competitive

Gamification encourages a healthy sense of competition. The learner can view the LMS leaderboard, see where they rank in comparison with their colleagues and plan how they can become masters and reach the top.

“I know who I have to beat – let me at that eLearning!” they say. “But wait… Julie from the North East Sector doesn’t have any badges. Doesn’t she know how to get them? Maybe I should give her some help.”


timeline of learning content

6. Set them loose

Now, the learner has mastered their Academy and is enjoying all elements of gamification in their training. Awesome! Now all they have to do is start their eLearning journey… “Right, time to get started. I’m going to click on ‘My things to do’ and get going.”

Pretty soon, your employees will be passionate, determined learners who love their LMS.

Are you interested in the future of gamification and how it will affect learning? Why not download our report ‘The Future of Gamification’ to find out more!

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