Craig Weiss: “Growth Engineering Top in my NextGen Rankings”

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Craig weissThis week, the Growth Engineering superheroes are in full celebration mode. Learning tech titan, Craig Weiss, has named our Academy LMS the best of the best in his NextGen LMS Grid and we’re over the moon! We’re extra-pleased since this isn’t the first time Craig has mentioned our platform’s NextGen credentials. Earlier this year, Craig’s annual Top 50 LMS report (the last word in learning platforms) credited The Academy LMS as the #1 NextGen LMS in 2017.

Craig Weiss’ NextGen LMS Grid

Craig plotted the top twenty “Big Dog” LMSs on a quadrant according to their NextGen functionality and NextGen market growth.


In a related blog Craig outlined the functionality of a NextGen LMS:

  • Modern UI – For both learners and administratorsCraig Weiss
  • Simple yet Robust – Robust functionality, but easy to use
  • They get “IT” – They understand their audience and how to satisfy them
  • Adaptable – Can adapt quickly, once they see possibilities
  • Value for Money – Full feature sets at an affordable price
  • Admin UX – Not overwhelming or confusing for administrators
  • Support and Service – They go the extra mile for their clients
Market Growth

 NextGen market growth refers to how quickly an LMS is developing NextGen functionality and what’s on their development roadmap.

Our Academy LMS came out on top for both NextGen functionality and NextGen market growth, making the Academy the best NextGen LMS on the market.

What Makes the Academy LMS so Special?

Craig writes that Growth Engineering “have been in my NextGen rankings for the last three years. Nothing changes that.” But, what makes the Academy LMS so uniquely brilliant? Craig provides some insight with his list of The Academy LMS’ “Big Wins”:

  • Video Management – This tool lets learners capture videos and share them with each other. It’s the perfect way to unleash a tidal wave of social learning!Craig Weiss
  • Content Curation Tools – With our flexible and intuitive set of content curation tools you can sort content into categories, assign it to different groups and make it easily searchable.
  • Ask an Expert – Ever needed to ask someone’s advice? Of course you have! With our Ask an Expert functionality this is only a click away.
  • Gamification – Your learners will earn badges, level up and compete against each other to climb leaderboards, they’ll be falling over each other to complete their training!
  • The Reward Centre – The Reward Centre adds a new level of engagement to your Academy LMS. Here, you can set up your own real-world rewards. It’s a great way to give your learners even more incentive to go above and beyond.
  • Social Engagement – The Academy LMS has been built from the ground up with social engagement in mind. With a social feed, clubs, video capture and social media sharing – you couldn’t dream of a more social learning experience!
  • Modern UI – The intuitive user interface of the Academy LMS lets users find their assigned material, interact with experts or post on the What’s Happening Wall. It couldn’t be simpler.
  • Mobile Functionality – A custom, streamlined version of an Academy for learners to access on their mobile devices.
  • The Knowledge Arcade – The Knowledge Arcade is a brand-new weapon of mass instruction which takes a mobile first approach to training. It’s engagement focused and uses micro-learning campaigns, game templates and player vs player battles for long-lasting behaviour change.

    Craig Weiss

You can see why we’re celebrating, this is all very exciting! If you want to see the world’s #1 NextGen LMS in action then book a demo by clicking the banner below.

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