9 Signs You Need to Invest in Learner Engagement

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zombieAre your learners engaged or have they been infected with the zombie virus? Are they eager beavers or slow-moving sloths? If you tick the boxes of these 9 points, you’ll know that your learners aren’t engaged – and you’ll know you need to invest in learner engagement posthaste!

1. You can almost smell the dread coming off your learners – the stench of disengagement pervades every nook and cranny of the office. As soon as that email inviting them to take their compliance eLearning lands in their inbox, you’ll hear their screams and groans from all directions.

2. Learners put off their training for as long as humanly possible. And when they do finally get around to doing it, they make sure everyone knows it’s not willingly. “This is so boring! I’m only doing it because I have to. It’s not like I’ll learn anything from it anyway.”

Annoyed at computer3. ZOMBIES! Your learners are so bored and lifeless they may as well be zombies. They’re brain dead; nothing more than shuffling corpses. Click here for a video of how to cure your learners of the zombie virus!

4. Your learners only log on to their Learning Management System under threat of death (or loss of job). If your learners were engaged, you wouldn’t have to bribe, pester or threaten them in order to get them going on their Learning Management System.

5. Your learners aren’t, you know, learning anything. You can’t see any improvements in their performance, increases in sales or boosts in knowledge. D’oh! You’re in exactly the same place as you were before the training programme, except for one issue: you’ve spent your L&D budget!

6. Your learners bad-mouth their online training any change they get. Employees that do this aren’t just lacking engagement – they’re actively disengaged. They don’t just find the training boring – they HATE IT WITH A PASSION! Phew. Calm down.

7. Activity on your Learning Management System begins to trail off. What might once have appeared to be a buzzing hive of activity is now a graveyard – complete with cobwebs. Learners just aren’t logging on as often as they used to. This is because they realised pretty early on that the only kind of eLearning they’ll get on their LMS is boring. It just won’t keep their attention – so they’re not bothering.RIP LMS gravestone cemetery graveyard8. Learners zoom through eLearning modules… But don’t take anything in. If you create eLearning units that learners can just click right on through, guess what? If they’re not engaged, they’ll do just that. We’ve even heard some learners say they’ll compete to see who can click their way through the fastest!

9. Your return on investment is atrocious. Sorry, but that’s the crux of it. If your online learning isn’t engaging, your learners won’t learn and your training programme will be a complete disaster! This’ll be apparent in your learners’ reviews of their training, senior management’s perceptions and ultimately the return you’ll get on your training spend.

If any of these seem familiar to you, then start panicking – yesterday. Your first step towards securing learner engagement is to download our white paper. It’ll tell you why engagement is important and how to send it sky-rocketing. Just click the button below:

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