6 Top Tips for Terminating Zombie Learners

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Zombie Blog 1What’s your zombie learner survival plan? What have you packed in your bug-out bag? What will you do when your brightest and best are reduced to spine-chilling flesh crawlers intent on taking a bite out of your training campaign’s return on investment?

Perhaps you’ve seen it before: sunken faces, lifeless eyes and lips coated in drool. And that smell! These are all tell-tale signs that you’ve failed to engage your team in their training content. And whilst zombie learners may not be able to climb ladders, they do have a nasty habit of infecting others with frightening levels of indifference.  Before you know it, your Learning & Development department will be in a state of decay. But don’t fret. It’s not too late to turn things around. Here are our SIX top tips for transforming zombie learners back into learning legends.

  1. Quarantine your zombie learners

Once disaster strikes, the only thing you can do to prevent a full-scale outbreak is to quarantine those who have been affected. If you’re considering rolling out a training and development programme, it helps to be pro-active in this regard. Create a ‘pilot group’ of learners, give them pre-launch access to your content and your training portal and analyse the results. Through the use of engagement based statistics (number of log-ins per user, amount of content accessed, time on site, etc.) and learner surveys, you should be able to judge whether your solution is ready for the wider world.

  1. Take stock and head for higher ground

Zombies aren’t good with steps and they can’t swim (due to the wide-scale muscle atrophy across their body). As such, it seems like the safest place for you would be the highest diving board down at your local swimming pool. With that kind of vantage point, you’ll be able to review the situation, figure out what’s going wrong, correct mistakes and start planning for the future. You’ll also have an opportunity to practise your form and unleash your inner Tom Daley.

  1. Aim for the heart AND the head

Zombie Blog 2Zombie hunter veterans will tell you to aim for the head and to use a blunt instrument, but we take a different approach. The only way to stop zombie learners from spreading throughout your organisation is to ensure that your team loves their training content. That’s right. LOVES. Not likes. They should love it to the same degree that the cookie monster loves cookies (a lot). ‘How do you make them love it?’ I hear you ask. Well, that’s an entirely different question.

  1. Stay mobile

What’s the one thing we all know about zombies? They’re slow. A garden snail could out-pace them in a foot-race. If you’re able to stay on the move, they’ll never catch up. Here’s what we’re getting at: you should do your utmost to deliver a mobile learning experience, so that your learners can access their training content from their mobiles or their tablets at their convenience. This links nicely with our next top tip…

  1. Deliver content in bite-size chunks

Heed our warning: if you don’t deliver you content in easily manageable bite-size chunks, your zombie learners will turn you into bite-size chunks. Modern day professionals have to-do lists that are as lengthy and imposing as a python, so there’s rarely time to indulge in epic 3 hour long learning binges. Break the content down into easily consumable nuggets and deliver it at regularly scheduled intervals. This will have the added benefit of triggering a low-level pavlovian response in your learners and it’ll give them a reason to keep frequenting your learning portal.

  1. Team-up

Zombie Blog 3Did you ever see the film about the lone-wolf zombie hunter who saved the day all by himself? No, you didn’t, because such a movie doesn’t exist. There’s always safety in numbers, so it’s important to encourage collaboration and communication across your learning platform. Here at Growth Engineering, we’re a firm believer that learning’s better when we do it together. In some cases, a social learning approach can invigorate dull training content and prevent a zombie learner uprising.

Find out how L&D wiz ‘Rodger’ dealt with an alarming zombie learner breakout within his organisation, in Growth Engineering’s inaugural comic, ‘Night of the Learning Dead’ (see what we did there?).

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Enjoy. Oh and if you have a zombie learner predicament of your own, do get in touch. Unlike your zombie learners, we don’t bite. We’re highly trained zombie learner terminators, ready to wield the chainsaw of learner engagement at a moment’s notice.

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