Understanding the Management Role to Improve Your Performance

ILM Understanding the management roleIt is easy to identify what every member in a team does, as they usually have clear role definitions. It is also easy to understand the role of a top-management. What confuses people is the role of the middle manager. Often they come with vague role definitions, that confound others as well as themselves. Under this circumstance it can become difficult to contribute to the organisation. How can you get work done from the middle managers when their role and limitations are not very clear?

In this eLearning, you will learn about the role and limitations of middle managers, and the need to improve inter-personal relationship skills to enhance their work. You will also learn the need to analyse development opportunities for the managers who will eventually need to move up the ladder. This eLearning helps you to create a detailed personal-development plan and a corresponding course of action to help map your future.

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I want to understand in more details the managers roll to improve the management performance