Cut Training and Development Costs with Online Learning

Save money in training and development with online learningWhen there are cuts to be made in the business world, the training budget is often the first on the chopping block. Whilst decision makers sharpen their knives, Learning & Development professionals are left to fight their corner.  Training programmes are now expected to deliver the same results at a fraction of the price. This has left the door open for eLearning to make its grand entrance.

The prospect of online learning often gets technophobes all in a tiff. But we’re here to tell you that there’s no need to worry. eLearning is slowly but surely establishing itself as the preeminent means for rolling out compelling training programmes

There is a mass of literature which provides evidence to suggest that eLearning is just as effective (and in many cases more effective) at imparting knowledge as traditional classroom learning. Our aim is to amass all the research and information available into a forceful, undeniable nugget of eLearning enticement. This is the business case for eLearning.

To do this we will show that online learning can be utilised to maximise return on investment (ROI) in organisational training. How does it pull off this miraculous feat? By providing a:

  • Highly effective method of imparting information.
  • Financially friendly alternative to the classroom.
  • Knowledge share for your team.

As companies attempt to survive in the knowledge and information age, the importance of intellectual capital only continues to grow. Organisations often speak of the value of human capital – the combined human capacity to use skills, know-how and expertise to meet a wide variety of business needs and problems. Boil any business down to its basics and all you are left with is its people. Yet many organisations fail to invest enough in their staff.

‘…Another reason why our human capital is so important is intensifying competition… our ability to develop productive relationships with these resource holders, and thus to win important business opportunities, is rooted in our technical knowhow. That’s one reason why we have maintained heavy investment in research and development and specialists skills in recent years.’ (Hugh Mitchell, Chief Human Resources at Shell)

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