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Fill your brain with engagement sauce!

In our ongoing battle against dull online learning, we’ve picked up plenty of battle plans and attack strategies.

Lesser companies might keep this information to themselves, but we’re not like that – we’re your friends and we want to share our arsenal with you!

Just click any of the books below to access our weapons of mass instruction!

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Start your engines!

Is your training programme going nowhere fast? Maybe you just need the right kind of engine powering it.

In this interactive workbook we’ll help you figure out your engagement plan, exploiting the power of gamification, social learning and personalisation.

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GE Comics

Night of the Learning Dead Comic

#1 – Night of the Learning Dead

Rise of the Zombie Learners

Embarking on a new training programme can be a scary experience. If you’re not careful, you could have a zombie learner outbreak on your hands.

Rodger’s intentions were good. All he wanted to do was provide his learners with a Learning Management System that would do its job, teach his employees new skills and secure a good return on investment.

But something went tragically wrong. The legacy LMS Rodger chose caused a Zombie Learner outbreak and now the office is overrun with drooling, brain-dead ghouls, hungry for human flesh and hating their LMS. They’re bored, demotivated, disengaged and have the taste for blood…

What will Rodger do? Is it too late to save his learners? Download ‘Night of the Learning Dead: Issue 1′ to find out.

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#2 – There’s something about Genie

Love is in the air…

What do you do when you only have eyes for one person, but they barely notice that you exist?

As a Learning and Development manager, Alan can only offer so much to Jasmine, his unrequited sweetheart. He can give her all the eLearning she could desire but how can he give her something REALLY special?

If only something or someone would come along that could grant Al’s wishes and help him win Jasmine’s heart in time for Valentine’s Day…

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