On the Academy LMS

Sell your content

with our eCommerce solution!

If you’ve got some eLearning content that’s just too good to give away for free, you can now put it on the marketplace!

  • Secure: Secure transactions with Stripe integration.
  • Open: No Academy login required.
  • Hassle-free: Quick and easy setup.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of content can I sell on the Academy LMS?

If you can upload it to the Academy LMS, you can sell it. That includes eLearning, videos, downloadable documents, classroom/webinar invites, etc.

Can I bundle courses into packages and sell them?

Absolutely. This can be configured using our ‘Curricula’ tool.

Do you support multiple currencies?

Yep. Stripe supports over 100 different currencies (including Bitcoin, if you’re into that!).

Can I post direct links to eCommerce content for learners without accounts on the Academy LMS?

Yes. You can link directly to your eCommerce catalogue page, or to content landing pages.

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How do I process refunds?

You’ll need to grab the transaction code from the Admin section of the Academy LMS, find the transaction within your Stripe account and process the refund (or partial refund) there. It’s a relatively pain-free experience.

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